What If Its More Than Just a Blocked Drain?

If we cant get the line to clear with the hydroblaster we will them move into fault finding.

This may include using our CCTV camera down your lines to see what is going on and then locating the lines and pinpointing the fault.

We will mark the problem areas - this could be flat lines, or lines that have dropped. It could also be broken lines or lines full of root intrusion or blocked by a foreign object.

Once we have identified where and what the issue is we can plan to get it sorted for you.

By using some of these ways to fault find we can reduce the amount of digging up of your section required and minimise the intrusion.

Roots, Roots and More Roots

At Drain N Maintain we know you love those Liquid Ambers or that Cameila but unfortunately they may not be loving your drains. Root intrusion in a drainage system can be hugely destructive and very costly. Roots find their way into your drainage lines and can block or even destroy the lines. We can help with root cutting in these lines and get things flowing again. Root cutting combined with hydrojetting the line can help with clearing out other debris, silt and matter that could cause further issue in the future.

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